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Attention Gun Store Owners: Prop 63 Goes Into Effect January 1st, 2018

Under Prop. 63, ammunition dealers will have to report the loss or theft of ammo within 48 hours; dealers and owners must report the loss of firearm within five days, or they will face an infraction. Californians who want to buy ammunition online or through catalogs will have to purchase ammunition from a licensed dealer.

Employees of Gun Ammunition Sellers Must Be Fingerprinted.

We can fingerprint you and your employees. Use our search tool to find your nearest location. 

Here’s the breakdown of how Prop 63 will change the gun industry:

  • Since July 2017, it has been illegal for anyone to own a magazine that holds more than ten rounds.
  • By January 2018, gun owners will need to have a special permit issued by the Department of Justice in order to buy ammunition.
  • By January of 2019, gun shops will be required to do a background check on a client before selling them ammo.

In order to continue selling ammunition, you need to have a ”Certificate of Eligibility”. When you get fingerprinted, you are eligible to receive this certificate. In order to get fingerprinted and receive the Certificate of Eligibility, you need to go to one of our 200+ locations to get your fingerprints scanned.

So get certified today, by filling out your information in the form below. Certifix Live Scan will contact you to guide you through the certification process, from A – Z.


  • You need the “Request For Live Scan Service” form before going to a location.
  • You need to use your live scan fingerprint criminal background check results to apply with the California DOJ (Department of Justice) For the certificate.
  • The whole process needs to be completed by Dec 31, 2017 (not just the fingerprinting).

The new laws mandate that by Jan. 1, 2018, all ammunition in California must be purchased in person through a vendor licensed by the Department of Justice. Starting that date, online orders of ammunition also must be processed through one of these vendors. To Summarize:

1. Get the live scan form & fill it out
2. Get fingerprinted at one of our 200+ locations
3. Complete the online application for the Certificate of Eligibility

  • The sooner you start the process, the sooner you’ll be certified to sell ammunition in California.

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