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By law, thousands of professions are required to get fingerprinting and the requirements for such background checks are growing. In order to keep up with demand, we are offering weekly live scan classes for business owners and individuals seeking to learn more about Live Scan fingerprinting. 

  • Take our 4 hour class to learn more about Live Scan fingerprinting in California.
  • No exam required: we will guide you through the fingerprint certification process.
  • Get introduced to Live Scan fingerprint rolling techniques by a friendly instructor.
  • Practice with our proprietary fingerprint system, see demos and get pricing.
  • Submit your application to become a certified fingerprint roller with the California Department of Justice.

Our Instructors

Certifix Live Scan CEO
Helmy El-Mangoury
Certifix Live Scan Instructor
Justin Lowe
Live Scan Instructor


Gathering, and Refreshments
Learn about essential in producing good prints, materials and equipment. Class walks you through every aspect of the live scan.
Fingerprints and Techniques
Learn the proper procedures in obtaining acceptable fingerprints and techniques. Evaluate the quality of fingerprints. Complete the information required for a criminal fingerprint applicant.
Abnormal Cases
List the proper procedures for fingerprinting and completing fingerprint scanning for abnormal cases; i.e., amputated fingers, cut fingers, bandaged fingers, severely crippled fingers, temporary disabilities, permanent disabilities, and uncooperative subjects.
Improper Prints
Learn to identify the cause of an unacceptable print and take corrective action.
Mobile Fingerprinting
Learn how to build your Mobile Fingerprinting and build your live scan business

Save Your Seat

Each class is $120 per participant and is limited to 8 students to ensure you get the most value out of the class. There is an additional fee of $74 for the California Department of Justice fingerprint certification and background check fee.

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Anaheim, CA