Fingerprinting Locations in New York

Find the nearest Live Scan fingerprinting service location in New York.

New York Live Scan Fingerprinting Services Locations Near Me

Get an instant digital fingerprinting in any of our New York live scan locations for just a few fess. Some locations may require online enrollment or an appointment before you walk in. and you’ll get a digital copy of your fingerprints. It’s quick and easy. This is the most convenient way to get fingerprinted. Why go anywhere else? Pick a location from our live scan map now!

Certifix Live Scan is the fastest and easiest way to scan your fingerprints digitally. We offer scanning services 24/7 at all of our locations in NY. Stop by today and get your fingerprinting done in less than ten minutes!

Benefits of Live Scan Fingerprinting in New York

Live scan fingerprinting offers numerous benefits for individuals and organizations in New York.

Here are some key advantages:

  • Convenience: Live scan fingerprinting eliminates the need for messy and inconvenient ink cards. It provides a hassle-free and efficient process for capturing fingerprints.
  • Accuracy: This method ensures accurate and reliable fingerprint records. Digital scanning technology captures the finer details of fingerprints, reducing the chances of errors or smudged prints.
  • Speed: With live scan fingerprinting, the process is quick and streamlined. The scanning takes only a few minutes, saving valuable time for both the applicant and the processing agency.
  • Digital Storage: The fingerprint records obtained through live scan are stored digitally in a secure server. This allows for easy retrieval and printing of fingerprint cards whenever needed.
  • Electronic Submissions: Live scan fingerprints can be electronically submitted to various state agencies, programs, and industries that require them. This eliminates the need for manual submission of ink cards, reducing the chances of loss or misplacement.
  • Authorized Transmission: Certifix Live Scan is authorized to transmit electronic fingerprint submissions directly to the FBI, FDLE, and First Advantage for background screening purposes. This ensures that the fingerprinting process meets the necessary regulatory requirements.
  • Wide Availability: Certifix Live Scan offers live scan fingerprinting services at multiple locations in New York and even provides on-site fingerprint technicians in Dallas and other parts of the United States. This extensive network ensures accessibility and convenience for individuals and organizations.Live scan fingerprinting provides a convenient, accurate, and efficient way to capture fingerprints in New York. It eliminates the need for ink cards, offers digital storage, and ensures authorized transmission for various regulatory purposes.

Importance of choosing a reputable and authorized provider

  • Accreditation: Certifications should be recognized and respected by an accrediting body, not just a certificate of program completion. This ensures that the certification programs and exams meet national industry standards.
  • Trust and Reliability: Choosing a reputable and authorized provider assures you that you receive a quality certification that employers and industry professionals value. It establishes trust and reliability in your credentials.
  • Industry Advocacy: A reputable provider will advocate for the industry and its professionals. They will actively communicate the value of certification with regulatory and legislative bodies and connect employers with qualified candidates.
  • Accessibility: Your certification partner should understand the challenges of today’s students and job seekers. Look for a provider that offers multiple paths to eligibility, allowing you to test on campus, at work, or a nearby testing center.
  • Personalized Service: Seek a provider that offers personal service and constant communication. They should provide consultation with every interaction, informing you about important exam dates, certification renewal, and continuing education opportunities.
  • Continuous Improvement: A reputable provider continuously enhances the learning experience. They perform industry research and evolve their tools to meet the needs of today’s learners. Look for exam study resources that offer self-paced learning, real-world application, and practice tests to build confidence for the certification exam.
  • Data-driven Insights: In the age of data, a reputable provider should provide insights to improve your learning and performance. They should offer feedback on areas where you need to improve and direct you back to concepts on the test plan that require further mastery.
  • Multiple Credentialing Opportunities: Look for a provider to help you stack credentials or earn more than one certification to validate an expanded skill set. Each certification should have earned national accreditation to ensure its value.

Choosing a reputable and authorized provider for your certification is essential for demonstrating your qualifications and ensuring your credentials are respected in the industry. It provides trust, reliability, and access to valuable resources to support you.

How to Complete Your Fingerprint Capture

Find a Location

We offer a nationwide network of 1200+ fingerprint enrollment centers that you can choose from to capture your fingerprints for an FD-258 card or Live Scan submission.

Enroll Online

You are required to select your application type and to enroll online, this includes providing us with all the required information to complete the electronic fingerprinting capture.

Get Fingerprinted

Once you've enrolled online and found a location, simply walk into the location and provide them with a copy of your QR code or Token, they will then proceed to capture your fingerprints.