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For organizations that need to set up an account with us that have a need to fingerprint applicants statewide, our statewide network service allows you to work with a single provider. Benefits of this services include discounted pricing, centralized billing, and reporting to ensure individuals are fingerprinted seamlessly with minimal errors and delays.

Simply send your applicants to any of our enrollment centers and we’ll verify their identity, fingerprint them and send them on their way. At the end of the month, we’ll send you a detailed report of all the individuals that got fingerprinted along with an invoice for payment.

No need to reimburse your applicants, as you will receive a single consolidated bill at the end of the month. With Certifix you will have single statewide fingerprint services provider, consolidated billing, a monthly transaction report, and a dedicated account manager.

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Who We Serve

State Government: We work hand-in-hand with state governments to ensure their rules and regulations for offering fingerprint systems and services are upheld to the highest standard.

State Agencies: We work with state agencies to ensure individuals receiving their state level licensure or certifications are fingerprinted to meet state requirements.

Private Sector: We guide companies in the private sector through the state-level authorization to request fingerprint-based background checks on their employees.

General Public: We assist all U.S. citizens and residents in requesting their own fingerprint-based criminal history report to assist with immigration, adoption, foreign visas, and personal use record reviews.

Local Government: We serve as a liaison between local and state government to ensure fingerprinting requirements are being met through the use of our fingerprint systems and services.

Social Service Agencies: We work with home care, foster care, child care, and family day care providers to ensure they are meeting state requirements and mandates to fingerprint any individual that deals with children or the elderly.

School Districts: We assist school districts in ensuring that all classified and credentialed school employees are fingerprinted using our systems and service contracts.

Vocational and Trade Schools: We work trade schools and colleges to ensure their students are fingerprinted in time to receive their state-level certifications.

Religious Organizations: We work with a variety of religious organizations from all faiths to ensure employees and volunteers are fingerprinted to meet state requirements.

Home Care Providers: We serve as an integral part of In-Home Care provider business to ensure employees are fingerprinted seamlessly during the hiring process.

Sporting Leagues: We are work with several sports organizations from soccer to baseball leagues to ensure coaches and volunteers are fingerprinted to meet state requirements.

County Government: With our county wide presence, county governments have come to rely on us to provide fingerprinting services to meet specific county-wide requirements.

Volunteer Organizations: We work with a variety of volunteer organizations to ensure volunteers are fingerprinted quickly and brought in to help children, the elderly and anyone in need.

Security Companies: We provide both fingerprinting systems and services to security companies looking to fingerprint new security guards obtaining their guard card license or firearm.

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