Certifix LiveScan FD-258 Card Printing Services

Certifix Live Scan offers FBI fingerprinting cards and helps you send them to the FBI for quicker results.

Certifix FD-258 Card Printing Services

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Certifix offers FD-258 Card printing services in most of our locations. Hundreds of our locations have both live scan and ink capabilities to provide fingerprint cards. If you can't get your fingerprint during your appointment, we'll help you reschedule an appointment at your convenient time.

You can also have your fingerprints captured in any of our locations on a card. Our professional staff will help you capture your fingerprints on a liveScan machine and print out the card to take home.

Live Scan

FD 258 Card for An FBI Background Check

  • Visit any near Certifix office location
  • Get fingerprinted on a live scan machine
  • You will be provided with your card at your appointment or have it mailed to you. Depending on the location you visit.
  • Also, we can digitally submit your fingerprints to the FBI as a Departmental order. We will forward the fingerprint file to the FBI via our approved channel.
  • You’ll have your FBI background check emailed to you within 24 hours

How it Works

Find a Location

We offer a nationwide directory of fingerprinting service locations. However, our Live Scan locations are only available for transmission to California (DOJ) and Florida (FDLE).


Confirm Availability

Contact the location first to ensure they can offer Live Scan or ink card fingerprinting; some states accept Live Scan, and others only accept ink fingerprint cards.

Get Fingerprinted

Walk into the location, and you will be greeted by a fingerprinting services operator who will scan your fingerprints or roll them onto an ink fingerprint card.

About us

Card Printing Instructions

There are general instructions you have to follow when filling out the standard FB-258 form. Our employers will be there to help you while filling out the form. However, here are some general instructions.

  • Write or type all information in black or blue pen
  • Do not fold or bend the fingerprint card
  • Ensure you write all information correctly, as wrong information may result in rejection or delay
  • Fill in the ‘NAM-NAME’ in the order of Last name, First name, then Middle name
  • Your signature must match the name printed on the card
  • Only residential addresses are accepted; no PO box addresses
  • The date and signature space are for official use
  • You’ll enter the name and address of your employer
  • AKA-ALIASES space should be filled with previous legal names or maiden names, but not nicknames

Cost Of Our FBI Fingerprinting Process?

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Certifix charges $ for the FBI Fingerprinting process at all of our locations. You'll be given a printout card that you will send to any agency or department.

Save yourself from the hassle of going to Police stations and following long queues to get cards. With our latest technology equipment, you'll be able to have your fingerprints taken digitally in a few minutes and sent to any agency or department.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an FD-258?

    The FD-258 is the official fingerprint card produced and approved by the FBI. This card is sized 8" x 8" and contains the full privacy act statement required by the FBI.

  • Can I print out an FD 258 card?

    Yes. You can print an FD-258 as PDF online or print it on paper.

  • Can I get a copy of my fingerprints?

    You can get a copy of your fingerprints at a local sheriff's office, a police station, or fingerprint facilities like Certifix live scan. Go with your identification documents, such as a state-issued photo ID and the fee.

  • Does FD-258 fingerprinting use Ink?

    Yes. FD-258 fingerprint uses black ink. When completing or printing your information on the FD-358 fingerprint card, you'll need to use black ink or print the information in black.

  • How far back do FBI background checks go?

    FBI background checks can legally check your criminal history within the last 7 years.

  • How much does a Fingerprint card cost?

    The first fingerprint card costs $25, and each additional fingerprint card costs $1. You can either pay by check or by money order.

  • What payment do you accept?

    Certifix accepts payment by check or by money order. Check our website for a full list of payment methods accepted.

  • Can a complete notary FD-258?

    Yes. A notary can help you take your fingerprints and complete the FD-258. Many notaries have added fingerprinting to the services they offer.

  • Can children use FD-258 fingerprint cards?

    Yes. Children can use the FD-258 fingerprint cards. Since 2008, the CJIS volunteers have taken the fingerprints of over 25,000 children.

  • Can FD-258 fit in an envelope?

    Yes, some envelopes can fit the standard FBI fingerprint FD-258 card. These envelopes are available in packs of 100 and packs of 500.

  • Can I take my fingerprints for FD-258?

    Contrary to popular belief, you can do fingerprints FD-258 at home. It doesn't need to be filled by a law enforcement agency.

  • Can you do fingerprints at home FD-258?

    The fingerprint FD-258 is to be filled out, and you can do it at home. However, since most people aren't used to filling out the form, they prefer to do it under the care of professionals.

  • Do all Police Departments Do FD-258 for Fingerprints?

    Yes, all police departments offer FD-258 fingerprinting. You can also get your fingerprints taken at a sheriff's office, some government agencies, or fingerprinting facilities.

  • Do you require to turn in form FD-258?

    Yes. You'll submit the FD-258 form to the required agency or department. Also, Certifix can help you forward your fingerprint to the FBI.

  • What details to fill in the FD-258 fingerprint card?

    Some details to include in the FD-258 fingerprint card include your first name, surname, and middle name. Your Aliases (AKA), ORI number, date of birth, place of birth, social security number, demographic information, etc. Check here for the full details to include in your FD-258 form.

  • How to Fill Standard Fingerprint Form FD-258?

    By checking this guide, you can easily fill out the Standard Fingerprint form FD-258.

  • How to fill out FD-258 Non-criminal?

    Ensure you complete all the required fields. Leaving required fields blank can lead to rejection or slow processing. Here is a full guide on filling out the FD-258 non-criminal card.

  • What is ORI in FD-258?

    The ORI mentioned on the FBI/ATF FD-258 fingerprint cards means Originating Agency Identification. The ORI number is a nine-character identifier assigned to every agency. The FD-258 fingerprint cards are used in many services other than the ATF-NFA application process.

  • Where to Send Form FD-258 fingerprint card USCIS?

    Please don't submit the completed fingerprint card (FD-258) with your application. USCIS will accept your application without the fingerprint card attached.