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government fees

For California DOJ Live Scan submissions

Government Fees

In addition to the rolling fee charged by each location for taking your fingerprints, you may be required to pay an additional government fee for your fingerprint-based background check.

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Name Government Fees
Ambulance Driver $32
Vehicle Dealer License $32
Vehicle Salesperson License $32

Health and Medicine

Name Government Fees
Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) $32
Pharmacy* First-time or Renewal $49
Registered Nurse (RN) License $49
Veterinary Assistant Controlled Substances Permit (VACSP) $49
Veterinary License $49

Licenses, Credentials, and Permits

Name Government Fees
Contractors License $49
Insurance License $49
Notary Public $49
Real Estate License $49
Teacher Credential $49


Name Government Fees
Alarm Agent $49
Security Guard $49
Security Guard with Firearms $87
Proprietary Private Security Officer $49

Social Services

Name Government Fees
 Adult Day Residential or Rehab Facility  $59
 Child Day Care Center* (6 children or fewer)  $32
 Child Day Care Center* (7 children or more)  $74
 In-Home Support Services (Elder Care)  $32
 Family Day Care Employee  $32
 Family Day Care Volunteer  $15
 Foster Family Adoption Employee  $74
 Foster Family Agency or Home  $32
 Group Home* (6 children or fewer)  $32
 Group Home* (7 children or more)  $74
 Home Care Aide  $49
 Home Care Employee  $59
 Resident Care Facility for the Elderly  $59
 Residential Child Care Facility* (6 children or fewer)  $32
 Residential Child Care Facility* (7 children or more)  $74
 Trustline Registry  $64


Name Government Fees
Foreign Adoption $25
Record Review for Personal Use $25
Visa/Immigration $32

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