Why choose
our Live Scan sites?

Live scan is the easiest way to get a government background check.

Why choose our Live Scan sites?

Certifix Live Scan securely transmits fingerprint transactions to the DOJ and the FBI, your data is not lost or delayed.

We use state-of-the-art software and training to insure great quality fingerprint images are captured by our operators, this helps avoid time-consuming mistakes and rejections.

We offer a 24/7/365 support line that you can call to follow up on the status of your Live Scan fingerprint transaction.

We have one of the largest network of Walk-In Live Scan fingerprint sites in California, most of our locations are within a ten minute drive from your home.

We offer state-wide discounts and billing for employers and agencies that have a need to process a large volume of applicants with minimal mistakes and excellent customer service.

We strive to make the process as accurate, efficient and cost effective as possible, making us the Most Trusted Name in Live Scan!