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Certifix Accounts

I was interested in setting up an account with you, what would I need? Back to top

To apply for a Certifix Account, you need to be a business that needs Live Scan.

To set up an account, you need a Request For Live Scan Service form that applies to your business’ applicants. The form must be filled out with an ORI (Originating Agency Identifier).

If you do not have a Request For Live Scan Service form and are new to Live Scan, you will need to contact the Department of Justice to apply for your own ORI. If you qualify, the Department of Justice will assign you your own ORI or provide you with the ORI of an organization that you fall under.

To apply for an ORI, visit or email for instructions.

If my requesting agency has an account with you, can I go to any of your locations? Back to top

Some locations may reject Certifix Accounts.

It is recommended to verify if a location accepts accounts by checking the payment methods of the location on our website.

You may also call the location in advance or call Certifix Live Scan at (800) 710-1934 to verify.