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Request for Live Scan Service Forms

What if the applicant filled out the Live Scan form correctly, but the Live Scan operator transposed numbers or left information off the submission? Back to top

The applicant will need to be fingerprinted as if it were the initial transaction. All fees will be charged. The Live Scan operator should not charge a rolling fee the second time if the mistake was his/hers. Also, you may be able to work out a deal with the fees with the Live Scan operator.

If you keep having problems with the accuracy of information from a specific Live Scan site, please contact DOJ’s Client Services Program at (916) 227-3332 during regular business hours.

There is no OCA number on my form, what belongs on this part of the Request For Live Scan Service form? Back to top

On many forms, this line is also labeled “Your Number.”

The OCA number is a line that your requesting agency may use for internal purposes. If there is no OCA on the Request For Live Scan Service form and they did not give your instructions for filling it out, leave it blank.

Placing unauthorized data here can result in a delay or rejection from the DOJ or your requesting agency.

How long do you keep the Request For Live Scan Service Form? Back to top

The California Department of Justice (DOJ) regulates that any Live Scan Service Provider keep the Request For Live Scan Service Form for one year. Once a year has passed, Live Scan Providers are required to cross-shred and dispose of the document.

Where do I get the Live Scan Request Form? Back to top

The agency that is requesting the Live Scan must provide you with the Request For Live Scan Service form. Your requesting agency should have their information entered for you on the “contributing agency information” section of the form.

The Live Scan location will not have the Request For Live Scan Service Form on site. If they do provide you with the form, you should verify it is the correct form with your requesting agency. An incorrect form will result in your Live Scan being rejected or sent to the wrong agency.

Do you provide the forms or do I have to bring the form? Back to top

Whoever is requesting for the Live Scan should provide you with the Request For Live Scan Service form.

If a location provides you with the Live Scan form, there is a possibility that it is not for the correct agency, and your Live Scan could be rejected or sent to the wrong agency.