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Rejections and Resubmissions

If I made a mistake on my Live Scan form and it was already submitted, can I change it? Back to top

Once submitted to the DOJ, we cannot correct/change any information.

You will need to complete a new Live Scan form with the correct information and pay the fees for a new Live Scan.

You may wait to get a rejection letter, as the Live Scan may still pass, but this could cause the process to take longer.

If I get a rejection letter, can I go to another location to get a resubmission? Back to top

You may go to any location to get a resubmission; however, you may be responsible for paying a new rolling fee. To avoid getting charged for new fingerprints, you should go to the same location that performed the original Live Scan transaction.

If your Live Scan was rejected for data errors, you should go to the original location to avoid paying the fees. You will need to submit a new transaction and the Live Scan provider should waive the fees if they entered your information incorrectly.

What do I do if I received my California response, but the FBI rejected the applicant submission due to poor quality? Back to top

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) may reject fingerprints even if the images were acceptable by the California Department of Justice (CA DOJ).

If this happens, the applicant will need to be reprinted using the original ATI (Applicant Transaction Identifier).

If rejected twice for poor quality, the applicant agency must request an FBI name check.

Consult your requesting agency for how to complete and submit the FBI Name Check Request.

Why was my Live Scan rejected? Back to top

A Live Scan can be rejected either for poor fingerprint quality or data entry errors.

Your employer or agency can find out what the reason was by emailing

You or your agency may also receive a rejection letter from the DOJ that states the reason for rejection.